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Information on Hashidate Law Office’s affiliation with Addleshaw Goddard LLP.

Hashidate Law Office has developed a global legal network, with alliances with the UK law firm of Addleshaw Goddard LLP and several Chinese law firms (Grandall Law Firm and A&Z Law Firm), not to mention relationships with a number of prominent foreign law firms in the major cities of the world, such that we could provide our clients with rapid and effective legal coverage in most countries and areas throughout the globe.

On May 13 2013, Hashidate Law Office entered into a formal business alliance with Addleshaw Goddard LLP. Addleshaw Goddard is a major international law firm with offices in the UK (London, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen), the GCC (Dubai, Muscat and Doha), and Asia (Hong Kong and Singapore). The Firm also has a well-established and comprehensive Preferred Firm network to cover an additional 200+ jurisdictions worldwide that provides local jurisdictional expertise and support to their clients whenever they need it.

Hashidate Law Office has had a continuing commitment to international business and development since the firm was established in 1980 and our relationship with Addleshaw Goddard LLP dates back almost 20 years. During that time, we have worked together to provide high quality legal services to our mutual clients, whether based in Japan or elsewhere in the world. Both firms also embody the same values – constantly aiming to provide better legal services for our clients.

We believe that Hashidate Law Office is now, more than ever, ideally placed to advise our clients both with respect to Japanese law (including those looking to expand their international reach into Japan) and, thanks to our strategic alliance with Addleshaw Goddard, on international legal matters further afield in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, South East Asia, and other regions.

In particular, Hashidate law Office is looking forward to working with Addleshaw Goddard to build on its successful track record over recent years in supporting clients to make inroads into the dynamic and fast growing markets across South East Asia.

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