Insurance / Reinsurance

Recently, and unfortunately, unprecedented natural disasters and terrorist incidents have occured on global scales, leading to situations where companies have the potential to suffer cataclysmic damages, and this trend is only likely to increase. Given this fact, being able to collect on insurance payouts has become very important for insured companies, and the ability of insurance companies to find an appropriate balance in the reinsurance and retrocessionaire system is an absolute must.

Hashidate Law Office provides legal advice and support in the insurance/reinsurance field, which in the past has meant anything from representing a client in domestic litigation disputing the non-existence of product liability with respect to large scale industrial products to conducting insurance payout negotiations following the September 11 terrorist attacks and the Thai floods for reinsurers in London. Over the course of its many years of experience in the insurance/reinsurance field, Hashidate Law Office has established an excellent track record of achieving favorable results for its clients.

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