Alternative Dispute Resolution

As businesses and transactions have become increasingly complex and globally integrated, alternatives to litigation and swift resolutions to disputes have become a quintessential element of a successful business. At this juncture in the global marketplace, an entity may be exposed to the laws of various jurisdictions even in a single business transaction or legal matter. Properly preparing for and thoroughly carrying out alternative dispute resolution procedures produces better results, which are more timely, predictable and cost-effective than reliance upon litigation. With over 25 years of practice, Hashidate Law Office has extensive experience representing its domestic and international clients through various alternative dispute resolution procedures, along with the strong relationship with leading foreign law firms.

Hashidate Law Office has a complement of attorneys with the experience and faculty to effectively manage, negotiate and resolve disputes through the various types of alternative dispute resolution procedures. Working together with clients during the preliminary phases of a transaction, Hashidate Law Office attorneys implement measures to both avoid disputes and to allow for the amicable resolution of any disputes which may occur; thereby keeping in concordance with the firm’s emphasis on the importance of assisting clients in maintaining long-term business relationships. In the event of a dispute, the client benefits from the firm’s practical experience acquired from its participation in many diverse domestic and international alternative dispute resolution matters. The firm’s attorneys have pioneered strategies which work within the bounds of each alternative dispute resolution case and emphasize incorporating measures to not only produce the best result for the client but also to protect the client in the aftermath of such dispute.

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