Antitrust and Unfair Competition

Antitrust and unfair competition matters have the potential to devastate the whole business of our clients. In recent years Japan has seen an increase in competition issues due, in part, to relaxation of amalgamation examination standards, internationalization of distribution systems, and the entry of foreign companies into Japan’s domestic markets.

Hashidate Law Office has vast experience handling the full spectrum of both domestic and international antitrust and unfair competition matters. The firm’s experience with international competition issues and practical understanding of the complexity of such issues, have led past and current clients to figure out specific best method to both avoid future legal and business repercussions to which a contemplated transaction may expose the client and to maximize the availability of practical business options to the client. Through its in-depth understanding of the client’s business in conjunction with the substantive laws and the processes through which the laws are applied, Hashidate Law Office provides superior service to clients entangled in a pending competition action by utilizing innovative strategies to guide the client while minimizing the effects of such action on the client’s business.

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