Art And Entertainment Law

Hashidate Law Office is involved in all domestic and international facets of the art and entertainment industries, including music, art, fashion, television and movies. Through its 25 years of experience, Hashidate Law Office has acquired a large breadth of knowledge and practical understanding of art and entertainment law, allowing Hashidate Law Office to advise its clients with an insider’s acumen of the full effect of contemplated decisions and the progression of related transactions. Recently, we have provided legal advices to the transactions such as introduction of 3D technology in Japanese movie field and the distribution contract for certain Japanese movie to eminent international film festival.

Over the years, businesses and individuals involved in the art and entertainment industries have entrusted their works and careers to Hashidate Law Office, whose current representation includes the world’s largest art auction house and internationally renowned artists. Furthermore, Hashidate Law Office’s previous representations include the negotiation and preparation of both domestic and international agreements regarding the production, reproduction, and distribution of motion pictures and television shows, the international sale and purchase of works of art, and the establishment of concert venues.

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