Banking and Finance

Hashidate Law Office has represented leading domestic, international, commercial, long-term credit, and trust banks in many of the largest and most complex transactions completed in the international banking and finance markets. In keeping pace with the rapid deregulation of Japan’s financial markets, Hashidate Law Office has assumed a leading role in these evolving markets through the firm’s counsel to financial institutions expanding into new areas of business and newly created finance markets, as well as to foreign banking firms entering the Japanese markets, and clients developing and implementing new financial instruments. Upon the changing Japanese and international markets, the firm’s innovative approaches to both new and traditional problems have been an asset to its clients.

Hashidate Law Office’s in-depth knowledge of comparative law in finance and banking regulations in the United States, the European Union and throughout Asia coupled with over 25 years of international practice, including the development of a network of top law firms from around the globe and substantial experience transacting matters in a number of different languages, have established the firm as a top choice for clients seeking both superior banking and financing advice and a firm with the capacity to execute transactions swiftly and precisely.

Hashidate Law Office has the legal and practical experience to guide clients through every step, from origination and negotiation through to documentation and closing, of both domestic and cross-border transactions, including sovereign loans, syndicated and multi-currency loans, currency and interest rate swap agreements, derivative and collateral agreements for swap transactions, asset-based financing transactions, letters-of-credit and other trade finance facilities, portfolio sale transactions, and other various banking and finance transactions.

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