Labor and Employment Law

The relaxing of global business barriers in conjunction with greater exposure to the international marketplace has required commercial enterprises to adopt new and appropriate sets of internal labor and employment principle. For over 25 years, Hashidate Law Office has been guiding clients through the many labor issues presented when Japanese companies expand their businesses overseas or when foreign companies enter the Japanese marketplace. The firm handles both domestic and international compliance with labor laws, including the development of administrative policies such as internal policies for dealing with harassment complaints. While disputes may be inevitable in this practice area, Hashidate Law Office has extensive experience in the resolution of such disputes through the utilization of both business and legal solutions. The firm has represented parties on both sides of labor disputes and thus understands each party’s motivations during negotiations and the elements critical to an ultimate resolution. Utilizing this experience, Hashidate Law Office represented a client in complex labor negotiations with unions and laying off issues or disputes along with the client’s restructuring.

Hashidate Law Office counsels its clients on various labor issues including drafting executive employment agreements; handling legal problems arising from the discharge of employees; requirements regarding the hire and discharge of employees; discrimination; wrongful termination; employee trial, promotion and compensation; temporary transfer of employees; and unions matters.

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