Hashidate Law Office has extensive experience in both domestic and international litigation, ranging from the large-scale complex international litigation to daily contractual disputes. With an extensive network of and close-ties to top law firms throughout the world, for the clients doing the business in various fields such as airline, hotels, banks and security firms, manufacturing companies, trading companies, construction, railroad, leasing companies, and insurance, Hashidate Law Office’s knowledgeable litigation team has been involved in litigations in jurisdictions spanning the globe and involving numerous areas of law, including commercial, international trade, regulatory disputes, tax, bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, civil rehabilitation, labor disputes, criminal, antitrust, environmental, intellectual property, real estate, securities transactions, commodity supply, sales agreements, product liability and insurance contracts.

With the confidence and insight that comes from many years of litigation experience, Hashidate Law Office understands the needs of the client in connection with the litigation process and is able to conduct pre-litigation and litigation in a manner designed to more effectively achieve a favorable resolution. Hashidate Law Office’s experience and reputation of being prepared to litigate both the most simple and the most complex matters with the same passion and effort allows the firm to side-step many of the time-consuming aspects of litigation and reach a swift resolution for the client’s benefit.
Hashidate Law Office not only conducts domestic litigation but has experience coordinating global litigation. A recent litigation put Hashidate Law Office at the helm of a multi-jurisdictional intellectual property litigation which included numerous negotiations, trials, and appeals conducted in three different languages.

Businesses faced with litigation wherein their respective futures were at stake and individuals threatened with potentially devastating litigation have entrusted their cases to Hashidate Law Office including the case that we successfully represented a former chairman of a corporation in a potentially disastrous litigation filed by shareholders of the company against the officers and directors.

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