Hashidate Law Office represents Japan’s leading securities firms and several top international securities firms in both Japanese and international matters. Utilizing its vast experience in securitization, derivatives, and structured finance transactions, Hashidate Law Office provides clients with innovative solutions to both daily and complex issues. Hashidate Law Office represented a client in the transaction such as the development and issue of a new type of repackaged note, which was introduced for the first time in Japan.

Hashidate Law Office’s practice ranges from traditional bond and commercial paper issues, denominated in a variety of currencies to complex bond issues and securities based on options and futures. Furthermore, Hashidate Law Office advises clients on lease and cashing bonds; securitization of real estate; planning on legal structures for funds utilizing tax havens; the purchase, sale, and transfer of securities under the Japanese Securities & Exchange Law; and the development, structuring, and execution of complex financings involving securitization, derivatives, and other regulated techniques.

The internationalization of Japanese securities markets has created a need for companies to strictly disclose information and comply with securities laws. Hashidate Law Office’s long history of dealing with Japanese securities laws and the firm’s familiarity with compliance in multi-jurisdictional matters enables the firm to swiftly orchestrate a client’s compliance with all securitization issues, including the placing of domestic securities, IPOs, the examination of underwriting in Japan for domestic and foreign securities companies, procedures required by the Ministry of Finance and the Tokyo Stock Exchange to list securities, and the preparation of legal documentation necessary for Japanese companies to list their stocks or bonds on foreign securities markets. 

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