Hashidate Law A Professional Law Corporation has and continues to provide day to day legal support for a variety of legal issues, negotiations for transactions, and disputes, with clients ranging from Japanese companies that are leaders in various fields to international companies cultivating business in Japan. We diligently assist our clients to support them in achieving their business aims through our extensive knowledge and expertise in the laws, regulations, cases, and practices applicable to Civil Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Securities, Labor Law, Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy Law, and other relevant fields of law.

As for global companies seeking to enter the Japanese market, we have the ability to provide sound legal advice concerning any aspect of such entry, such as the establishment of a subsidiary or branch office, the preparation of internal rules, management considerations, the drafting of agreements, tax matters, along with any aspects of the law or legal system unique to Japan.

Recently, the necessity and demand for legal advice and support in connection with issues related to corporate governance, which may lead to future liabilities or legal action, has increased dramatically. Hashidate Law A Professional Law Corporation recognizes the business element in corporate governance issues, and advises its clients on both the issues encountered on a daily basis and complex corporate governance decisions that have long reaching effects on a business. Along with assisting a corporate client’s efforts to implement up-to-date corporate governance policies, Hashidate Law A Professional Law Corporation guides clients through the creation of internal policies to handle employee grievances, including claims of harassment, in a manner that limits the client’s exposure to the full extent under current law, while maintaining successful business productivity.

As a component of its corporate practice, Hashidate Law A Professional Law Corporation remains informed of evolving practices and proposed amendments to the laws affecting corporate governance and advises clients on all areas of corporate governance and management responsibility, including the creation and administration of internal rules of management, Board Supervising functions, advice on best practices for Boards, Committees, individual Directors and Officers, corporate disclosure requirements, Director and Officer Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities, compliance with legal and ethical requirements, personnel administration, insider trading, and employee stock options.